About A-1 LED Commercial Lighting

“I never saw myself owning an LED company…”

Nelson Mears, the man behind A-1 LED, is a humble, down-to-earth guy from Sheridan. In 2016, he founded A-1 LED out of his garage, inspired by his desire to help his community.

Who knew that a little garage tinkering would turn into Arkansas’ biggest Trade Ally company? Nelson never planned on becoming a regionally-renowned LED expert, but his hard work and genuine motivation to help others led the way for him.

When you work with A-1 LED, you get top-notch lighting solutions that revolutionize your energy bills– but you also get to benefit from Nelson’s work ethic, expert knowledge, and love for his community.

Meet the A-1 LED leadership team

Nelson Mears, the Founder and CEO of A-1 LED, with a bright smile in his professional headshot, reflecting the successful growth of his energy-efficient lighting company based in Arkansas.

Nelson Mears

Founder & CEO

Mindy Hammond Mears, Executive Director of A-1 LED, smiles warmly in her professional headshot, exuding leadership and expertise in commercial LED lighting solutions.

Mindy Hammond Mears

Executive Director

Larry Mears, Energy Reduction Specialist at A-1 LED, sports a confident smile in his headshot, suggesting his deep expertise in helping businesses save energy with LED lighting.

Larry Mears

Energy Reduction Specialist

Bryan McKnight, Sales Manager at A-1 LED, beams confidently in his headshot, indicative of his expertise and enthusiasm in leading the company's sales initiatives for LED lighting solutions.

Bryan McKnight

Sales Manager

Melanie Davis, Administrative Manager at A-1 LED, in her headshot wearing a polo with the A-1 LED logo, showcases her approachable and professional demeanor.

Melanie Davis

Administrative Manager

Mike Zanca, Retail/Wholesale/Warehouse Manager for A-1 LED, projects a friendly and capable image in his professional headshot, hinting at his expertise in managing extensive lighting solutions.

Mike Zanca

Retail/Wholesale/Warehouse Manager

Wesley Davis, the Chief Operating Officer of A-1 LED, pictured in a professional headshot wearing a black A-1 LED uniform, conveys a friendly and confident presence essential for operational leadership.

Wesley Davis


Still proudly based in Sheridan, Arkansas

All the way from our company’s humble beginnings to today, we’ve been a part of the local community here in Sheridan, and we’re here to stay.

Mon thru Fri 9am to 5pm CST

Commercial LED replacement service area:

Commercial LED replacement allows you to enjoy substantial energy savings, reduce maintenance costs, and improve employee wellbeing. It’s a sustainable investment that’s a win-win for everybody.




100% locally owned since we opened in 2017

We ship LED products anywhere in the United States

No matter where your business is located, A-1 LED Direct is prepared to send you the power of LEDs. While our expert installation services may be limited to our service regions, our commitment to nationwide lighting solutions doesn’t stop there.

We ship high-quality LED products directly to your doorstep, anywhere within the United States. From choosing the right bulbs to navigating installation guides, our dedicated team is just a phone call or email away.

LED doesn’t just lower your monthly bill. It makes your team happier, healthier, and safer

Beyond its benefits on your monthly energy costs, transitioning to LED lighting can make a big difference in employee wellbeing and workplace safety. LED technology provides high-quality, flicker-free illumination that minimizes eye strain and fatigue– which means a happier, more focused workforce.