How it works

It’s never been simpler to lower your energy bills.

Step 1: Reserve A Free, No Obligation Energy Audit

Our friendly Trade Ally electricians come out to meet you and determine how much money you’ll save with LED

Step 2: We Make a Plan to Reduce Costs

By understanding your energy plan and working with your energy provider, we tailor your LED solution to maximize your savings.

Step 3: You Enjoy Monthly Savings Ongoing

Reducing your energy bill up to 70% can help you set some money aside for the rest of life’s many expenses.

Local companies in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana are saving big with LED

Ditching outdated, inefficient bulbs and switching to LED lighting leads to major savings that make a big difference. Monthly energy bills are shrinking, while better lighting leads to comfortable, safe, and productive work environments.

Whether you’re located in the heart of Dallas, within the beautiful rolling hills of Arkansas, or anywhere in between, it’s our goal to help you enjoy long-term savings and give your business a chance for a brighter future.

LED is saving great local businesses a lot of cash every month

Stop throwing money away on inefficient bulbs– adopt LEDs and watch your energy bills shrink before your eyes.

A-1 LED can replace, retrofit, or install ALL YOUR lights!

Whether you need replacements, retrofits, or brand new LED installations, A1 LED’s expert electricians will help you get it done.

Incandescent • Halogen • CFLs • Fluorescent tubes •  Recessed can lights • Under-cabinet lights • Landscape lighting • Safety and security lights

Am I eligible for LED replacement?

A-1 LED works with all non-residential organizations, even nonprofits like churches. No property is too big or too small.

We install lights for brand-new organizations, too!

Small businesses

School districts

Not for profits


Public service


A1 did an excellent job, everything from the fantastic customer service to the flawless installation.

- Changin Seasons


We have used them a few times and great prices and always have what need!

- Sonya Warner


Best lighting selection in town, amazing service, & great company.

- Bliss Lites


A-1 is an amazing company. They have always taken care of our needs and issues whenever I call. Great people and great service.

- Everette Wilkerson


Absolutely perfect! This product helped our church convert to L.E.D. lights about 5 years ago. The conversion cut our energy use and ended the constant need to replace bulbs and ballasts. Great lights.

- Robert Porterfield

We’re doing great work in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana

Invest in your company’s future, slash energy bills, and create a thriving work environment by adopting LED lighting solutions.